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Using Video in Basic Maths

The best way to use video in Basic Maths also happens to be the best way to use video with WordPress. Since version 2.9, WordPress has been using an embed shortcode, which makes posting videos much easier. Some of the other videos below have been combined with Basic Maths’ hanging content shortcodes so that they stretch outside of the content margin. More info.

The video above was achieved using this:

How to Use Hanging Content in Basic Maths

The latest version of Basic Maths Introduces some shortcodes which allow you to hang content outside of the normal paragraph margin. In the example above, the video is embedded using the default WordPress embed shortcode which is then wrapped with a Basic Maths hang2column shortcode.

In the back end, that looks like this:

The shortcodes can be applied to any kind of content from images to paragraphs or captions.