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The New NPR.org on YouTube

This is a completely genius promotional video for the coming relaunch of NPR.org featuring the voice — and face! — of their marquee broadcaster Scott Simon experiencing the redesigned site for the first time. There’s nothing revolutionary in these three minutes and six seconds, but the simple, elegant use of their core storytelling strengths combined with the demonstrative power of the screencast format is just really, really smart. It’s a rare example of an ‘old media brand’ doing something genuinely surprising in a new medium.

Funny Pages

Last gasps for a dying medium: comics come back to newsprint in a big way.

Wes Anderson’s Mixtape

At least I think that’s what this is. It’s posted on a site, This Recording, that has no shortage of interesting content covering the pop cultural landscape, but is sorely lacking for just a little bit of explanation about what it is they’re trying to do with it — and they could use a little bit of design help making each bit of content more readable, too. I had a good time clicking through the site, but I have no idea what it is.